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Vujo Frischling bath foam 250 ml

Vujo Frischling bath foam 250 ml

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Bath foam 250ml

The gentle cleaning for pure closeness to your baby. Bath time means petting and a good time for your baby. It enjoys your touch and movement in the warm water. Especially nice is the soft foam, with which you can play wonderfully. The mild vujo freshman baby bubble bath is moisturizing and cares for your baby's delicate skin while bathing. With mild sugar surfactants and moisturizing organic aloe vera.

Recommended by dermatologists, naturally easy to use. "Put a sufficient amount in the bath and let it foam in lukewarm water of max. 37 °C. The vujo baby foam bath, specially developed for sensitive baby skin, is skin neutral and supports the natural development of the skin's protective agent. Suitable for daily cleaning of normal, sensitive skin to skin prone to neurodermatitis." Dermatologist Prof.dr. medical Rolf Markus Szeimies

Certified vegan natural cosmetics from Germany

Fragrance-free - for optimal parent-child bond

Developed for sensitive baby skin

Non alcoholic*

Free from ethanol

Free from mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens and microplastics





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