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Liam & Lilly

Babywrap sea blue newborn

Babywrap sea blue newborn

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This babywrap is a part of a layette for a baby. By tightly wrapping the baby it will be providing and maintaining warmth, it provides the newborn with conditions similar to the mother's belly.

Our cone consists of two separate elements: a mat and a tape for tying. Thanks to this, we can use it for a long time during the child's development. The mat will serve us not only as a play, lounging or changing mat, but also as the first bedding for a pram, crib or Moses basket.

After folding the mat, the wrap can be used as a topponcino - a mattress that facilitates the stretcher, feeding a child in the first months of life.

MATERIAL: 100% linen washed with OekoTex®Standard100 certificate

FILLING: silicone non-woven fabric with OekoTex®Standard100 certificate

DIMENSIONS: 75 × 75 cm

Care instruction: The wrap is machine washable. Washing machine 30°.

Material: 100% linen

Filling: non-woven fabric

Dimensions: 75 × 75 cm

Handmade product

Gender: boys/girl

Color: Sea blue

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