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Naïf repairing all-purpose cream

Naïf repairing all-purpose cream

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We all have them sometimes: extra dry spots on the face, hands or body and for that you want to use the natural all-purpose cream. The Naïf Restorative All-in-one Cream nourishes and repairs and ensures that dry spots disappear immediately. How? For example, by nourishing almond oil and shea butter. And because we use natural, gentle ingredients, the all-in-one cream is also suitable for the little ones in the family.

USP: Natural ingredients

The natural all-in-one cream

Nourishes and repairs extra dry spots immediately

Suitable for face, hands and body

For all skin types, including sensitive skin

Does not leave a sticky layer, remains flexible

For the whole family Developed and produced in the Netherlands

For every skin type, even for the little ones 100% vegan and ocean friendly

Dermatologically tested



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