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Sara Rosalie - Mortherhood balm 3x 5 ml

Sara Rosalie - Mortherhood balm 3x 5 ml

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Specially developed for pregnant women, babies and nursing mothers. The perfect maternity gift for every mother (to be) in your life. This set:

- Nourishes intensely

- Restores, protects and softens 

- Reinforces the natural protective layer

- 100% ingredients of natural origin

- Allergy Certified

The Motherhood Set consists of a mini variant of: Baby Balm (5ml), Boob Balm (5ml), Body Balm (5ml). For a full list of ingredients go to the individual balms  Baby Balm, Boob Balm of Body Balm.

The baby balm: This balm is hypoallergenic and therefore safe to use. The extremely soft texture of the Baby Balm spreads wonderfully easily. Apply a small amount where and when your baby needs that little bit extra. Massage in gently until absorbed. Also available as full size Baby Balm.

The boob balm: Apply this nourishing, restorative Boob Balm immediately after breastfeeding to allow it to fully absorb before the next feeding time. This balm is safe to use for both you and your baby. A little goes a long way. Also available as a loose Boob Balm

The belly balm: Apply this vegan Belly Balm as a cream for pregnant belly generously over the belly and other parts of your body, during and after pregnancy. The ingredients in this balm are there to support your changing body and help give your body room for growth. Also available as a full size Body Balm. 


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