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Cuddle linen

Cuddle linen

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Cuddly toy for babies

--> pleasant to the touch, soft and can be used as a permanent element to sleep

--> thanks to the felt structure of the linen, it will soothe itchy gums

--> antiallergic filling, linen with certified dyes


The long ears of the rabbit will become a favorite teether. For hugging and chewing


A cuddly toy made of natural linen will perfectly complement the baby's layette. The toy can help you fall asleep, the baby can hug it and hug it. It is a great gift idea for a baby. Thanks to the linen texture, the cuddly toy will be perfect for gum massage during teething. In addition, linen has antibacterial and anti-allergic properties, the toy does not absorb dust.


Made of safe fabrics with certificates.The linen collection is a great choice for allergy sufferers, children with sensitive or problematic skin. Linen is an antibacterial fabric, it allows the skin to breathe by absorbing moisture when the baby sweats. It does not pick up static. It has thermoregulation properties, thanks to which it cools in summer and warms in winter. It is biodegradable.


MATERIAL: 100% softened or washed linen

FILLING: silicone ball certified by OekoTex®Standard100


Handmade product.

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