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Cherry pits pillow

Cherry pits pillow

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Natural hot water bottle filled with cherry pits. A small circle-shaped hot water bottle consists of a hot water bottle and a cover. You can choose a cover: muslin peanut, muslin mocha and lamb fabric.

Cherry stones have been used for years, they absorb temperature. Heated or cooled will keep the temperature for a long time. The hot water bottle is not only a must have for a lay-out, it will also work well in other home situations.

A warm hot water bottle will work well in neonatal colic, abdominal pain in infants and children, food stagnation in the breast, menstrual and rheumatic pains. When applied to shrunken muscles in the neck or shoulders, it will release tension. In winter, it will warm your hands or feet.

A chilled hot water bottle will work well during a flood of food or blocked tubules, bruises, sprains, high temperatures or swollen legs. It cools down and reduces pain in a gentle and pleasant way. A cold hot water bottle can also be applied to insect bites to soothe the smell.



How to heat and cool a cherry stone hot water bottle?

HEATING UP: Place the hot water bottle on the heater and leave it on until you feel it is hot enough. In summer, you can warm it up in the sun.

Preheat the oven to 100 ° C. Place the insert with stones in a clean casserole dish or on a baking tray. Keep it warm for 15-20 minutes. After removing from the oven, put on the cover of your choice.

COOLING: Put the cherry pits hot water bottle in a clean bag (it will be included 😉). Be careful that the hot water bottle does not get wet. Put the prepared hot water bottle in the freezer. When needed, pull it out. Take the hot water bottle out of the bag. Now you can use it.

The price is for one hot water bottle (refill and selected cover).


SIZE: diameter 12 cm


input: 100% cotton


muslin: beige(peanut), brown(mocca) muslin 70% cotton 30% bamboo, lamb - teddy: teddy: 80% cotton 20% polyester

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