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Baby sleeper

Baby sleeper

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Baby sleeper is a product known and liked for generations. And no wonder! Wrap makes the newborn feel safe right after birth. It keeps the warmth, limits the space, and thanks to the tight wrap it reminds the toddler of the conditions in the mother's belly during pregnancy. This form of wrapping allows the newborn to calm down in the sense of closeness. The rectangle shaped bedside chair will be perfect as a baby horn, it will replace the first bedding, baby sleeping bag or stroller bag.

The sleeping bag will wrap you up and keep you warm throughout the night. It allows you to move the handles and legs freely. It is one of the safest forms of covering a toddler at night. The sleeping bag will also make you, mum, sleep more peacefully and you will not worry if your little one has buried or covered himself.

We sew the beanies from soft 100% cotton with Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate, flannel. It is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Filled with Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified anti-allergic silicone fabric. It has one bond in the upper part of the cover. The dress size is about 36x78 cm.

COLOR: cappuccino 

MATERIAL: 100% cotton with OekoTex®Standard100 certificate, flannel

Notes: Flannel changes its structure during use and washing (it lays the hair down), it is a natural process and cannot be claimed.

FILLING: OekoTex®Standard100 certified silicone non-woven fabric

DIMENSIONS: 36 × 78 cm (+/- 2 cm) 

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