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Liam & Lilly

Baby parfume 100 ml

Baby parfume 100 ml

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Low alcohol Eau de Cologne Petits with a tender and cheerful spirit and a soft scent of neroli, orange blossom and muguet, it is fresh and with a slightly powdery scent. So nice that even you want to wear it. 


Fragrance allergenic Gentle enough for everyday use. For babies, it is recommended to perfume your clothes or hairbrush. 

Non-staining Dermatologically tested 

Gender neutral

Clinically tested for sensitive and atopic skin 50ml 

Our products contain no petroleum, silicones, sulfates, dyes, mineral oils, Peg's, phthalates and are formulated without paraben preservatives.


This gift set can be combined with other items to give the perfect gift during a baby shower.

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