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Rockingbaby stand white

Rockingbaby stand white

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The Rockingbaby cradle is a rocker designed for moses baskets. The cradle skids rock sideways. Why side-to-side? The "front-to-back" movement is a natural movement of the parent carrying the child and it has a positive effect on the vestibular system of the baby's brain (it is closely connected with the sensory systems in the body) and there is a lot of this movement in the life of a newborn - because the parent often hugs and carries the baby, while the "right-left" movement stimulates the production of neuronal connections of the brain, which are responsible for the intellectual potential of the child. Additionally, it is possible to block the cradle with a special brake attached to the skids. The rocker also fits Moses Baskets with dimensions: with from 28 to 37cm. length of Moses basket at 20cm height from 65 to 77cm 

*Shipping 2 weeks in the Netherlands*


Lenght (cm): 50

WIdht (cm) / Depth (cm): 50

Height (cm): 50

Diameter (cm): -

Weight (kg): 3.5



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